As anyone who has been part of the cannabis world in recent years can tell you, this industry is anything but static. It is constantly changing and evolving, and with the Rootwurks LXP and compliance tool, companies can set themselves on a dynamic, constant loop of optimization as they continuously learn and improve their operations in real-time.


Going from seed to flower to market can require all hands on deck at all times – even without considering compliance. The Rootwurks solution uses a battery of paperless reporting dashboards to track, document, and verify company operations and processes end-to-end, freeing the workforce to focus on day-to-day operations.


When navigating the vast array of state and local cannabis regulations, even the most meticulous companies may leave a stone or two unturned. The Rootwurks platform provides real-time visibility across your organization from a single dashboard.


Knowing the wooden horse is full of soldiers isn’t enough if you can’t keep it outside the walls. Rootwurks creates fully bespoke, automated, and trackable action plans and timetables based on a company’s specific needs and risks, allowing them to deploy preventive and corrective actions across all company strata.


Self-assessment can be difficult, especially when pursuing your dreams in the cannabis industry. But throw in the lack of a single federal set of compliance codes, and it can be easy to get lost across the vast archipelago of state and local cannabis regulations. Rootwurks knows the lay of the land in legal cannabis and provides the tools and know-how to keep up with the industry’s SOPs and GMPs.


Knowledge can only take you so far. Rootwurks is designed to help cannabis companies formulate actionable checklists to chart their way to market success – while also adhering to the requirements of cannabis regulations compliance.


The expansive, dynamic world of legal cannabis represents a kaleidoscope of consumers, researchers, dreamers, and employees from all walks of life. As this ecosystem grows, companies can count on the Rootwurks LXP to help them expand their knowledge base to understand the shifting sands of cannabis better.