What is Quality Assurance in Cannabis, and What Does it Mean for Consumers?

About this Webinar

From melt-in-your-mouth fast-acting edibles to infused pre-rolls, dynamite cannabis beverages – and even cannabinoid suppositories – the variety of legal marijuana retail products available today should not be taken for granted.

But the average cannabis consumer today can face not only decision fatigue but also some uncertainty about the safety and reliability of the products they consume. And as legal cannabis expands into new jurisdictions and companies develop new and more specialized intake methods, adherence to quality standards could become even more complicated.

This is why quality assurance measures are so crucial for cannabis.

In this webinar, we will speak to leading experts in cannabis quality assurance, safety, and compliance, to gain a greater understanding of the stakes in cannabis manufacturing, and what it takes to produce safe, reliable, and consistent products (that we all love).
• How quality assurance measures can ensure safer cannabis products
• How quality assurance measures can help companies meet their compliance demands
• What quality assurance professionals look for when testing cannabis products
• How quality assurance can improve consistency in cannabis products
• Which international standards/organizations are used in cannabis
• The importance of quality assurance for medical cannabis patients
• Quality assurance in cannabis cultivation (indoor and outdoor)
• Are QA methods different for extracts and edibles?
• How QA is done throughout the cannabis supply chain
• QA vs. QC vs. QM – what are the differences?
• Why conducting risk assessments and implementing HACCP is important

Who Should Attend?

From consumers to executives to manufacturing supervisors and customer-facing retail workers, everyone who interacts with legal cannabis today is affected by quality assurance measures. This webinar is tailor-made for the cannabis professionals who are in the cockpit for quality assurance, including extraction technicians, cultivation technicians, lab directors and lab technicians, quality managers, facility managers, VPs of manufacturing, and compliance supervisors, to name just a few.

Attendees will gain expert insight on:

• What quality assurance measures entail
• How quality assurance can help ensure safer cannabis products
• The testing and quality assurance methods used for cannabis
• How quality assurance methods can affect the consistency and quality of products
• How quality assurance is keeping apace with all the new types of cannabis products

The Cannabis Jobs Market – Where is it Going, and How Can You Get In the Mix?

About this Webinar

According to the 2022 Leafly jobs report, there are now more legal cannabis professionals than hairstylists, barbers, and cosmetologists combined. Luckily for job seekers, these positions include a wide range of “plant-touching” and in-direct ancillary cannabis jobs, covering fields as varied as accounting, legal affairs, security, construction, human resources, compliance, and much more. For many (if not most) of these jobs, prior experience with cannabis may not be required, and applicants may find that they don’t even need to live in a state that has legalized cannabis. In our Rootwurks webinar “The Cannabis Jobs Market – Where are We Going, and How Can You Get In the Mix?” we are joined by two expert panelists who will discuss the biggest trends in the cannabis jobs market today and what would-be industry professionals should do when they’re ready to seek out a career in cannabis.
Subjects to be covered may include: • What are the big job trends we can expect in cannabis in the coming year or two? • Which jobs are hiring the most, and which job markets are the most thriving? • Does prior job experience matter? • What are the biggest misconceptions people have about working in cannabis? • Is there still a stigma surrounding a career in cannabis? • What role have the pandemic and “the Great Resignation” played in the cannabis job market? • What role has remote work played? Do you have to live in a legal cannabis state to work in the industry? • How diverse is the cannabis industry? • What makes a job in cannabis unique?