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Learning Modules

Overcoming the Forgetting Curve

Our combination of in-depth content and "micromodules" provides your team with on-demand cannabis knowledge and training. Developed with cannabis law and compliance experts, these courses facilitate “in the flow of work” training that can help counter “the forgetting curve” and build a culture of safety and compliance.

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Leave Nothing to Chance

Expertly-crafted checklists that walk cannabis professionals through the industry's regulatory demands to ensure they leave no stone unturned. As part of “in the flow of work” training, the checklists also ensure that team members retain compliance and safety training.

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Your Reinforcements Have Arrived

Simplify the processes needed to meet your compliance and safety training needs. Rootwurks assessments help organizations verify and validate staff performance on a wide variety of tasks to gauge compliance with their internal training programs and operating procedures. Management can forge corrective plans to correct shortcomings and ensure employees have retained their safety training.

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