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Streamline Your Training and Compliance in Food Manufacturing

With over a century of combined knowledge in food manufacturing training and compliance, we know how to address challenges for smaller companies. Introducing Rootwurks LXP, a robust solution for compliance and training management. Save time, cut costs, and stay ahead of regulations to ensure success.

Training for Food Manufacturing

Affordable. Intuitive. Industry-tested.

The Smart Investment for Growth

Help your business grow safely without hiring more staff or purchasing expensive training solutions.

Crafted by Industry Veterans

The Rootwurks LXP draws from the know-how our founders gained during decades in food safety and compliance training.

Training Built for Doers

Our platform focuses on in-the-flow-of-work training that employees will retain - without slowing down the workflow.

Say Goodbye to Paper

Rootwurks lets you digitally manage, track, and report on training - simplifying recordkeeping and saving time.

Why Rootwurks?

Group 5605

I love the Rootwurks platform because it allows us to turn any employee into a content creator for training. That’s very powerful for an industry with high turnover.

Victor Zesiger
Founder | Zesiger Consulting LLC

People_Auditor w- Clipboard

Fortify your operations

Includes prebuilt OSHA and HACCP templates to safeguard your company

Paper + Education_Clipboard_Checklist

Expertly-crafted tools

Includes built-in checklists, internal audits, and assessments to manage training, compliance, and safety


Fully customizable

Build training that is uniquely tailored to your company’s needs


Empower your employees

Rootwurks is designed to be used by frontline workers - who are empowered to supervise their own training and compliance tasks


The Most Affordable Accredited HACCP Certification Course on the Market

At only $99 for a limited time, the Rootwurks HACCP course is the easiest, most affordable way for personnel wearing multiple hats to attain HACCP certification. Approved by the International HACCP Alliance, this course allows users to attain certification and training that they can use to become HACCP supervisors inside their workplace.

Unlock Growth and Maximize ROI

We’d love to show you how we can simplify food safety training and compliance for your company. To schedule a chat with our sales team, please drop us a line, and we’ll find a time that suits your schedule.