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The Rootwurks Learning Experience Platform: 

More than just another LMS

Our platform seamlessly combines safety training and compliance tools to help you mitigate risk and protect your people and business.

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The Rootwurks Approach


With a background in the rigorous world of food manufacturing, the founders of Rootwurks bring decades of safety and compliance training expertise to the table. Their experience has directly influenced the development of a solution tailored not only for the food industry but also for the legal cannabis sector, both of which are among the country's most dynamic and highly regulated industries.

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Training that Sticks

Training is pointless if it is not reinforced. Designed for adult learners, Rootwurks helps employees overcome the Forgetting Curve and ensures important concepts are consistently reinforced with its "in the flow of work" training approach.

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Foolproof Guidance at Every Step

Leave nothing to chance with Rootwurks checklists. Carefully designed by industry experts, the checklists guide employees through regulatory tasks step by step, helping ensure they cover all their bases.

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Identify Early and Mitigate Quickly

When it comes to compliance safety, knowing is only half the battle. Rootwurks Assessments helps companies put education to use by verifying and validating employee training and compliance adherence across various specific regulatory and safety-related tasks.

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Streamline Training Programs

Comprehensive training makes all the difference in highly regulated industries. Rootwurks Learning Plans simplify safety and compliance by offering tailored educational programs that can be assigned to team members at any organizational level, precisely when and where needed.

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Be Audit-Ready

Is your company ready to meet its compliance obligations? Rootwurks Internal Audits equips companies with the tools to internally measure their compliance efforts, enabling them to take corrective measures well in advance of the next visit from regulatory officials.


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To see how the Rootwurks Learning Experience platform can help your company grow safely and meet your compliance needs, check out a demo of the LXP.

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