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Affordable. Intuitive. Industry-tested.

The Smart Investment for Growth

Help your business grow safely without hiring more staff or purchasing expensive training solutions.

Crafted by Industry Veterans

The Rootwurks LXP leverages the decades of expertise gained by our founders and partners in food safety, compliance training, and cannabis law.

Training Built for Doers

Our platform focuses on in-the-flow-of-work training that employees will retain - without slowing down the workflow.

Say Goodbye to Paper

Rootwurks lets you digitally manage, track, and report on training - simplifying recordkeeping and saving time.

Close Knowledge Gaps and Reduce Risks

Discover how Rootwurks unites education and compliance tools to reduce risks in heavily regulated sectors.

Learning Modules Interface
Learning Plans
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Speak With Sales

We believe the best way to truly understand how the LXP works is to see it in action. Our sales team is available to schedule a demo at your convenience, so we can show you the ins and outs of how the LXP works.