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Rootwurks Assessments

Your Reinforcements Have Arrived

The assessments used by the Rootwurks Learning Experience Platform verify and validate employee performance on a wide variety of specific tasks - no matter how complex.

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Assess and
Optimize Training for
All Team Members

Rootwurks Assessments are designed to simplify compliance adherence and workplace training for the cannabis industry. They can be game changers for team leaders looking to ensure compliance and safety needs are met.


Create and assign corrective action plans for compliance and training


Reinforce training for specific compliance tasks - as much as needed


Assess employee performance on compliance tasks in real-time

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Give team members personal benchmarks for compliance and safety training


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Every cannabis industry dream is different and presents its own unique challenges. To see how the Rootwurks Learning Experience platform can help your company grow safely and meet your compliance needs, check out a demo of the LXP.

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The Rootwurks LXP

Our platform combines world-class cannabis education and safety training with a host of sophisticated tools to watch your back on compliance.

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