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Rootwurks LXP Checklists

Leave Nothing
to Chance

Compliance regulations can be tough to fulfill. Rootwurks checklists walk you through your compliance tasks step-by-step so you never miss a beat.

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Walking Employees Through Regulatory Tasks
One Step at a Time

Our checklists were crafted for frontline workers by law and compliance experts from the cannabis and food manufacturing industries.

Checklist - Main

Designed for frontline workers


Simplifies complex Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)


Checklists can be easily modified to fit larger or smaller tasks

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Gives frontline workers a guide to manage their tasks

Checklist - Features

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To see how the Rootwurks Learning Experience platform can help your company grow safely and meet your compliance needs, check out a demo of the LXP.

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The Rootwurks LXP

Our platform combines world-class education and safety training with a host of sophisticated tools to watch your back on compliance.

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